Publishing – Print and Digital

Enigma Publishing Solutions and their partners E-Biz Solutions are a client-focused content and publishing agency that has created content and magazines for South Africa’s best known brands.  We can deliver content into whichever avenue you wish – from custom magazines, newsletters, and websites through to digital magazines and newsletters. At cost-effective rates, we offer the complete publishing solution from content strategy, creation through to design, print and magazine development.

We are committed to delivering high-quality content to audiences and targeted media products to clients. We have spent over 25 years building engaged audiences through our ability to create and distribute great content. Our dedicated employees are experts in our fields. Let us help you with our know-how and experience in your daily business.

Enigma Publishing Solutions has a proven ability to:

  • Develop successful, long-lasting partnerships with clients
  • Minimise your communication costs
  • Expand the marketing impact of your business.

Enigma Publishing Solutions offers a friendly, personalised service and our team members have a genuine interest in helping clients expand customer reach with well-targeted print and online communications – including high-quality magazines, guides, brochures, company reports and catalogues.

Our team offers considerable expertise in sales, journalism, public relations, social media and design to ensure your communication tools inform, educate, persuade and sell.


Most importantly, Enigma Publishing Solutions delivers on budget, on time and has the flexibility and after-hours service to offer unrivalled turn-around-times, from brief to delivery and distribution.

Businesses that want to achieve optimal communication with their customers can benefit from having their own magazine or other branded content. Custom magazines have become the voice of many organisations, espousing the values, ideas and perceptions associated with the brand. Custom magazines also enhance the customer experience and add elements of excitement and tangibility to valued customer relationships to increase brand loyalty.

Our focus is on helping our clients build relationships of trust, reliability and loyalty with their customer base.  Our editorial, design and printing solutions are guaranteed to deliver an end-product that you will be proud to call your own.

Content Development

Content marketing is the most effective way of engaging your audience, and retaining loyalty. Our in-house editors and network of specialist writers can develop content for any platform, on any topic. We work with some of the best photographers in South Africa and our design team can turn your idea into reality.


Publishing – Print and Digital

As part of the expansion of its printing services, we have developed an on-site digital-printing facility for print-on-demand services. This facility enables clients to achieve quicker turnaround times for proofing and manage pressurised print deadlines.


This division coupled with our on-site document finishing options, manages small to medium generic print volumes as well as specialised high volume print applications requiring full colour personalised printing. Due to the class size of the machines and the apt production environment, relative to short and medium run-lengths, we are also able to ensure our cost per print remains competitive.


Keeping abreast of technological advancements in the local and international litho-printing

industry, we constantly strive to develop and improve our printing standards; all improvements focus on maximum print up-time and consistent print quality.

Our book-finishing equipment enables the company to successfully complete all glue-bound and saddle-stitched work internally within our Litho-Printing division as part of our post-press facilities.

This includes both conventional aesthetic finishing such as:

  • Flood ultra violet (UV) varnishing as well as complex processes such as spot UV
  • Die-cutting
  • Foiling and embossing.

All these processes are managed internally and allow for constant quality management within each process with constant attentiveness to fundamental time allocation for correct document processing and high quality finishing.

Mail Management

Ensuring your costs are kept realistic means ensuring the fewest number of incorrect mail-outs each month. With a wide range of corporate clients relying on our expertise, we can help keep mail lists managed.

Enigma Publishing Solutions offers its clients a full database-management service. Through the company’s extensive experience and continual interaction with IT systems in both the corporate

and government sectors, it has familiarised itself with common key database-operating platforms as well as unique systems, enabling it to provide seamless integration solutions for all clients. With more than 17 years of IT experience in the direct marketing industry, we have continued to develop and enhance our capabilities to deliver a truly professional IT service to our clients. We have also ensured that confidentiality and respect, for the sensitive information our clients entrust us with, are central to our approach when managing all client data.

We are fully authorised by the South African Post Office (SAPO) to provide our clients with a PAMSS certificate prior to any mail campaign. We are one of only 11 licensed accredited postal address management service providers in the country. This allows the company to perform all address-verification procedures on all data on-site, at our premises. Our PAMSS software is one of the most sophisticated address-verification packages in the direct-marketing industry.

Social Media

The benefit of using social media to market your business is that no matter how specific your business is, there is an audience for you on social media.


Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube are the big names in social media. With hundreds of millions of users per platform, there’s a gigantic pool of unique users that can be tapped into. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company or in the business of real estate, topics about your business are being discussed continually. Here lies the opportunity to share your valuable information that will help educate and contribute positively to these conversations.


Social media increases your brand’s exposure and authority – a strong, engaged social presence is important because it makes people aware of you. Not just that you exist, but that you’re a functioning, responsive business with something current and interesting going on.


We offer the services of creating, managing and expanding your companies’ social network profiles. Daily posts will be made to your social media page that will encourage consumers to connect with your company in an informal and fun way.

Your business’s products or services, daily insights, education, interactive posts, inspirational quotes and messages, trivia questions, weather updates, social news updates including scheduled events in the community, product or service special deals, competitions and specials, questions and answers, daily reminders and community forums are just a few of the things that will be posted on social media. Depending on your requirements, several different posts will be made throughout the day.